Monday, November 8, 2010

A few stories

Trying to recall a few stories as of recently... A month or 2 ago when Torah was still in her crib I walked in one morning to get her out of bed and she was stark naked and holding her diaper out to me. I said, "Why did you take off your jammies and your diaper?" To which she replied, "Shake my badonk-a-donk!" And then shook her little badonk-a-donk! Hmmmm...what else...Oh...Brandon and I were finishing up painting a dresser white for her big girl room and she wanted to help. So I gave her a clean unused brush and told her to pretend. So she was pretending to paint Daddy's car for a long time. Well, apparently she somehow managed to sneak and get some white paint on her brush, next thing I know I look over and she is painting Brandon's red car white! Thankfully I noticed soon enough to get it all cleaned off!!! Phew! Torah is also really into crossing her eyes and stealing Daddy's seat when he gets up! She also likes to tease and give only one parent a kiss and look to see if she is making the other parent jealous! Again, this blogging is more for me and preserving memories than anything else...sorry if I"m boring! Remind me of stories I have shared if you think of any!!! Be Blessed!

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