Saturday, November 13, 2010

My little Bible loving princess!

We recently realized that Torah is completely old enough to understand and do some form of simply devotions each day. We wanted to make sure she was getting the Biblical teaching and influence that we wanted her to. At the Chapel, as far as I know, she is still just basically in a nursery and no real lessons are taught at this age. But we thought she was ready for the challenge. She has always loved reading her little kiddie Bible of a few child friendly Bible stories but Brandon (and I) wanted  to go a little deeper now. So we wet to family Christian bookstore and found the perfect "next step" in Torahs spiritual journey. It's a childrens Bible that comes with DVDs to watch as well. So we read a Bible story like Adam and Eve or Noah and the ark and then watch a DVD about it. She LOVES it! She calls it "Jesus TV." So cute! Our only complaint thus far is that we realized it completely skipped over Exodus and Joshua which of all things to include...that is like the meat and potatoes of the Old Testament. But I think there are several other DVDs we can purchase.

She also is such a princess! She LOVES anything princess and literally will act out scenes already! And she is very theatrical about it! Yesterday she was in my bathroom playing while I was getting ready and she grabbed a handheld mirror and looked at it and said, "SHOW ME THE BEAST!!!" Which is from Beauty and the Beast...too funny! But then she said, "SHOW ME THE MOMMY!" Not sure how she got that comparison...though she is used to seeing me in the mornings so it does make sense. This morning she was doing the whole show me the beast thing with the mirror and said, "SHOW ME THE BLAKEY!" "SHOW ME THE GRANT!" Those guys are some of her was pretty cute!

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