Saturday, December 4, 2010

Potty Training...piece of cake!!!

Well I have tried potty training 2 times before with 2 failed attempts...everyone said that she will do it when she is ready. Well, that was the exact truth!!! A week before Thanksgiving she literally was potty trained overnight!!! She wears big girl panties all the time and has had 0 accidents!!! We still do a diaper at naptime and bedtime only so she can't manipulate us and say she has to go potty to put off going to bed. But she is doing awesome!!! Now I know for future children to just not bother until they are totally ready!!! SO EASY!!!

We just this week went to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum with Brandon's Grandma Rheba and had a wonderful time! They had a Barbie catwalk where little girls could go back stage and get dressed up and then walk the catwalk with cameras flashing and everything, she LOVED it!!!

As far as baby Holler #2 goes I am now 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and feeling pretty good. Aside from the regular discomfort of pregnancy like back and foot pain. We still have been lucky enough to not accidentally find out the sex of the baby...any guesses? I just don't know, I will honestly be surprised either way!!! I did however fall down the stairs 2 days ago. Thankfully Brandon is home on vacation this week. He heard it and was there before I was able to look up. I was carrying a small load of laundry down the steps and before I knew it I was falling down the steps. Scared me to death! I just cried and cried, well sobbed and sobbed more like it! I didn't do anything but lay on the couch and feel the baby move the rest of the day! One good thing that came frm that...Brandon said he would do all the laundry until the baby is born!!! Lets hope that is for real!!! He did the load that I was bringing down and it is currelty sitting in the dryer. :) 10 more weeks until the Hollers are a family of 4!!! Can't wait!!!


  1. I can't believe its only 10 more weeks! So excited for the holler family! And very thankful you and the baby are ok after the fall. Love you Shelbie!

  2. Phew! So glad that you and Baby #2 are both all right! Yes, just be careful outside walking for these next few weeks, with snow and ice, okay?
    Good for Torah, I'm proud of her!!! Way to go, T!!

    Love you!!
    Aunt Kathy <3