Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jesus is the Son & Moon

Hello all! This week Brandon was off work which means that this Sunday we were able to visit another church. We decided we would see what Emmanuel was like. We got a paper back from Torah's class saying that they learned that Jesus was God's son today. So just now when we were putting her to bed we were talking about the day and what all we did and learned. I said, "and we learned that Jesus is God's son." To which Torah replied, "Ya, and Jesus is the moon and the stars!" :) We clearly haven't talked much about the differences in the words son and sun!!! It was so sweet and innocent! Also she has been learning how old people are lately but she phrases it as, "What"s your numma (number)?" She is learning that Mommy's "numma" is 25 and Daddy's "numma" is 32. It's these adorable little things that I hope and pray I never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How will I ever keep up on the memories that 2 children will bring?!? :)

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