Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots of talks about Jesus...

Little miss Torah has been talking a lot about Jesus her whole life, but especially the last few months. Whenever she is hurt she always says, "I want Jesus to make it better." Lately the conversations have really turned more spiritual where she is learning when she gets scared at night (she is always talking about how she doesn't want the devil in her room to scare her) to pray and ask Jesus to protect her,  to calm her down, and keep the devil away. Though she understands (as much as a 3 year old can) that Jesus lives inside our hearts, she has been wanting to see him. She asks, "Is Jesus done in Heaven? I want him to come back!" Which I feel like is such a wonderful reminder of how excited and hopeful I need to be about Jesus coming back! Though she understands Jesus living inside our hearts she has not had her "moment" yet if that makes sense. We have been praying for her to have that moment since before she was born and are hopeful that with the right direction and lots of spiritual conversations she will come to that decision on her own. Last night she came to youth group with me, which she doesn't very often, and as we were walking in she yelled to one of the youth leaders, "JESUS LIVES INSIDE OUR HEARTS!!!" She said it with such excitement and conviction, and he said, "Yes he does, that's right!" On the way home she then said, "What is Jesus going to be for Halloween?" I laughed and said, "I don't think Jesus will dress up, but if he did maybe an angel." Then she started talking about what Jesus will get for Christmas and I explained that 3 kings gave him 3 gifts. She then wanted the 3 kings to give her gifts too. But then she said, "what is Jesus going to give me for Christmas?" Which was an excellent way for me to explain that Jesus is the gift!!! We LOVE Christmas and the excitement of gift giving and receiving, decorating, yummy food, being with family, and all the excitement that the season provides. But sometimes the literal hustle and bustle of the season casts a shadow over the true gift. So I just wrote this to encourage anyone who might have a chance to read this to have spiritual conversations with your kids and to remember that Jesus is the gift!!!

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