Monday, November 7, 2011

time gone by

Wow, can't believe it has been so long since I posted a blog!!! I wasn't ever all that huge into this but didn't think I wouldn't even post about having our 2nd beautiful daughter!!! Sola Grace Holler was born on February 7. She is 9 months old today!!! She is absolutely awesome!!! She has been sweet easy going Sola from the beginning. She was so laid back that I thought she might be getting a little behind on her development but boy was I wrong. She took a while to start doing things, but boy she has changed in a hurry. She now pulls herself up to standing all the time on the couch, crawls everywhere, throws her hands up for "Soooo Big," dances when she hears music, says "mama" "baba" and starting to say "dada!" Torah has been an unbelievable big sister! I am so proud of who she is and who I can see her becoming. She not once has acted jealous, purposefully hurt her sister, or even regressed whatsoever which from what I have heard from other people are pretty common things for older siblings to display when their space is invaded. We decided to wait another year on preschool for her. So she will just do 1 year of preschool (which strangely enough that was normal when I was younger but now it seems like everyone does 2 and even 3 years of preschool). I am just not ready to share her. I told Brandon that this is literally the only time in her life she won't have responsibility and I want her to savor every second! Once she starts school she will always have commitments and responsibilities, which is a good thing. Transitioning into a family of 4 has really gone beautifully!!! I am so thankful to God for that! Recently Brandon started working on his Doctorate in Ministries. So in probably 4 to 5 years I will be married to Dr. Brandon Holler!!! The student ministry is going really well and we love our kids so much!!! I am really encouraged by the next generation! Started Christmas shopping quite sometime ago for Torah and then didn't do anything for a while so now it's time to start all that back up! She has been asking for a watch and a pogo stick since July and last week added a tool box to the list. And then she said (with hands up ), "And that's it!" My girls are precious and I love having 2 daughters, I'm hopeful that they will stay close when they get older! By close I mean, close to home!!!!!!! Though I hope their relationship will always remain close as well! Excited to start the holiday (or as we like to call it...HOLLERday) season and all that that entails. It's fun (and a bit exhausting) having small children this time of year! Well now it's time to take advantage of nap/movie time and tidy up the house and do some laundry! For the maybe 3 of you who will read this (haha) thanks! I do this for selfish reasons, it is therapeutic for me to do this and an easy way to preserve memories. Have a great day and I hope to start blogging much more!!!!

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